2[1]Lillian’s List is a statewide community working to recruit, train, promote and support pro-choice progressive women running for public office. Through our Action Fund, we provide strategic guidance and political training to women leaders who are interested in running for political office in North Carolina. In addition to candidate and campaign staff training, we also recruit new women candidates committed to reproductive freedom and equality for women.

The Lillian’s List PAC supports pro-choice, progressive women running for the General Assembly and Council of State. The Lillian’s List PAC has helped elect every progressive women currently serving in the NCGA and Council of State.

Our network includes more than 8,000 women and men from across North Carolina committed to recruiting, training and funding viable women candidates. We have a candidate scout network of more 300 members statewide. In the past two decades, we have identified over 800 potential progressive women leaders. Together we are changing the face of power in North Carolina.

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