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We’re so excited to be hosting our third Raleigh Happy Hour and for the first time we’re making it a Revolutionary event!
Our Revolutionaries are the next generation of political champions. We need to work together to elect progressive women to public office at every level in North Carolina. The proceeds from this event will go directly toward recruiting and training pro-choice progressive women to run for the NC General Assembly next year!

Our Raleigh Happy Hour is always a good time and we hope you’ll join!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Trophy on Maywood
656 Maywood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27603

Sponsorships now available!
$2000 Five Points Sponsor
$1000 Oberlin Sponsor
$500 Oakwood Sponsor
$250 Boylan Sponsor
$125 Glenwood Sponsor

Tickets $35 
Steering Committee
Rachael Estes* & Cate Meno
Melissa Abrams • Allison Becker • Sarah Cowles-Zambon
Gina Cruz • Jane Harrison • Margaret Hartzell

Thank you to our generous sponsors!
Oakwood Sponsors
Cate & Mike Meno
Boylan Sponsor
Katherine Cadwallader
Glenwood Sponsors
Bart Admonius • LaMonique Hamilton Barnes & Beniah Barnes • Molly Rivera & Jon Jaeger
Billie Lindsay • Anna & Andrew Lockhart • Devon Roberts • Amanda & Kevin Starkey • Laura & Mike Tormey

Devon Roberts

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