Candidate Office Results
superintendent-june-atkinson-square State Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson lost her re-election to Mark Johnson. Atkinson: 49.37%
Johnson: 50.63%
cynthia-ball-square-small Winner! Cynthia Ball defeated Rep. Gary Pendleton for House District 49! Ball: 48.72% 
Pendleton: 47.16%
mary-belk-square Winner! Mary Belk defeated Rep. Rob Bryan for House District 88! Belk: 50.61%
Bryan: 49.39%
jane-campbell-square Jane Campbell lost to Rep. John Bradford for House District 98. Campbell: 45.53%
Bradford: 56.36%
linda-coleman-square Linda Coleman lost to Lt. Governor Dan Forest for Lieutenant Governor.  Coleman: 45.32%
Forest: 51.81%
sue-counts-square Sue Counts lost to Rep. Johnathan Jordan for House District 93. Counts: 46.99%
Jordan: 53.01%
susan-evans-square Susan Evans lost to Sen. Tamara Barringer for Senate District 17. Evans: 47.47%
Barringer: 48.32%
jane-hipps-square Jane Hipps lost to Sen. Jim Davis for Senate District 50. Hipps: 37.52%
Davis: 62.48%
elaine-marshall-square Winner! Secretary of State Elaine Marshall won her re-election against Michael LaPaglia! Marshall: 52.23%
LaPaglia: 47.77%
rhonda-cole-schandevel-square Rhonda Schandevel lost to Rep. Michelle Presnell for House District 118. Schandevel: 44.64%
Presnell: 55.36%
beth-wood-square Winner! State Auditor Beth Wood won her re-election against Chuck Stuber! Wood: 50.03%
Stuber: 49.97%
Candidate 2016 Primary Elections Results
Winner! Rep. Beverly Earle won her primary challenge against Steven Jones! Earle: 78.59%
Jones: 21.41%
Winner! Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield won her primary challenge against Kandie Smith! Farmer-Butterfield: 61.52%
Smith: 38.48%
Winner! Rep. Rosa Gill won her primary challenge against Shirley Hicks and Bernard Allen! Gill:64.05%
Hicks: 23.06%
Allen: 12.89%