Meet your 2020 Lillian's List Featured Candidates

Lillian’s List Featured Candidates are champions for reproductive freedom and equity for women. These women have been trained to run modern campaigns and are running in races where there is a path to victory. We hope you’ll support our 2020 Featured Candidates!


Leslie is running for House District 20 in New Hanover County.

Leslie’s Top Priorities:
1) Clean drinking water
2) Fully fund public schools.
3) Expand Medicaid


Jessica is running statewide to become the Commissioner of Labor.

Jessica’s Top Priorities:
1) Ensure safe & healthy workplaces
2) Expand worker’s rights
3) Increase the minimum wage


Christine is running for Senate District 18 in Wake & Franklin counties.

Christine’s Top Priorities:
1) Equitable funding for public schools
2) Increase access to healthcare
3) Create a transparent & fair government


Julie is running for Senate District 49 in Buncombe County.

Julie’s Top Priorities:
1) Green New Deal for North Carolina
2) Implement a holistic approach to healthcare
3) Make the General Assembly work for us