9 Things

January 7, 2020

Nine Great Things From 2019

Just like everyone else, we are reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the future. We were very busy in 2019 and have a lot to celebrate and take into this new decade:

  1. Watching Rep. Deb Butler stand up for democracy to Speaker Moore and the entire Republican House Caucus was our number one political moment of 2019.
  2. In January, nine new Featured Candidates were sworn into the General Assembly. This was one of our largest inaugural groups ever. These women helped break the supermajority in both chambers and gave Governor Cooper veto power.
  3. Governor Cooper used his veto power to override the ridiculous anti-women, anti-abortion Born Alive bill. It was because of our pro-choice, progressive women legislators that he was able to keep this bill from becoming a law.
  4. We already have a incredibly strong slate of 14 2020 Featured Candidates. So far, we’re supporting three Council of State candidates, four incumbent legislators, and seven women running to change the face of power in the General Assembly.
  5. We trained 65 campaign managers and staff to work on progressive campaigns in 2020. These are the boots on the ground running strong campaigns across the state.
  6. We trained 103 current or future women candidates. 12 of our trained candidates ran for local office in 2019 and 7 of them won!
  7. We sold out our first-ever comedy show fundraiser, You Should Smile More, in nine days!
  8. In 2019, we introduced Lillian’s List and our Featured Candidates to more new North Carolinians than ever before! The sisterhood is growing.
  9. Lastly, we watched and celebrated as many of our incumbent Featured Candidates filed to run for higher office. We love ambitious women!