15 May


Reflections about my own family and my daughter’s future this Mother’s Day weekend brought to mind a study I saw a few years back about gender parity at the national level.  The report, put out by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research determine

02 May

Direct Threats

The Threat is Coming from Inside the House and the Senate In mid-April our rights to reproductive healthcare were threatened once again by the Republican majority in the NCGA, but this time they were joined by six Democrats. The conservative legislators w

15 Apr


In 2019 we ramped up our training programs to meet the needs of North Carolina after seeing so many women deciding to run for office this year. Who are the amazing women in your life who you think should run for office? Maybe you have a friend who is actu

06 Mar

Candid Conversation

In the last two years, women have really changed the political game and we want to talk about it. We’ve seen women run against establishment men accused of sexual assault and win. We’ve seen women be out-raised by their opponent and win. Overa