15 Aug

Internships Fall 2019

The Lillian’s List educational internship program offers valuable political experience while helping elect progressive women, who are champions of reproductive freedom, up and down the ticket! We offer spring, summer, and fall internships. Interns hav

31 Jul

Women at the Top

2020 is shaping up to be an even more exciting election season than 2018. The campaign season is starting earlier and NCGA candidates have already declared to get a jump on fundraising. This is a smart strategy since many of the progressive candidates hav

02 Jul


Join us at Lead with Lillian! Each year, we gather our sisterhood in Chapel Hill, where Lillian’s List was founded over 20 years ago, to celebrate our progress in changing the face of power in NC and the leadership of the women we have helped elect.

14 May


Reflections about my own family and my daughter’s future this Mother’s Day weekend brought to mind a study I saw a few years back about gender parity at the national level.  The report, put out by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research determine

01 May

Direct Threats

The Threat is Coming from Inside the House and the Senate In mid-April our rights to reproductive healthcare were threatened once again by the Republican majority in the NCGA, but this time they were joined by six Democrats. The conservative legislators w

14 Apr


In 2019 we ramped up our training programs to meet the needs of North Carolina after seeing so many women deciding to run for office this year. Who are the amazing women in your life who you think should run for office? Maybe you have a friend who is actu