There’s no doubt about it, to win key races, North Carolina needs the best and brightest political minds ready to put their talents to work. Even the strongest candidates can’t win these races alone. They need well-trained staff to support them in the tough battles that lie ahead.

In 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 Lillian’s List hosted the JKH Academy to train the next generation of progressive campaign staffers. In 2019 we added a second campaign staff training for people who are already working on a race. This was a hugely successful training and all of our graduates made an impact on the 2020 campaign cycle. We’ve trained 210 campaign staffers. Graduates have gone on to work on campaigns up and down the ticket from presidential to city council. Many continue to work in politics after their campaigns have ended or go on to work in influential non-profits. Attending one of our campaign staff trainings is an excellent way to jumpstart a career in politics.

This year we are excited to host Campaign Camp! This training is hosted by the Lillian’s List Foundation, a 501(c)3. Campaign Camp combines our previous campaign staff trainings into one virtual and in-person training. We will cover multichannel fundraising, polling, paid and earned media, field programs, volunteer management and more. We are closely monitoring COVID guidelines to make plans for our in person sessions. Applications are now open!

Please contact Devon Roberts if you have any questions about our campaign staff trainings.

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