Amina Ghaffar

Aminah is an integrative researcher, activist for Indigenous and Black issues, and advocate fighting violence against women. Aminah grew up in Pembroke, North Carolina and is a member of the Lumbee Tribe. Growing up in rural North Carolina as a Black, Indigenous woman, Aminah has been proximate to extreme violence and other challenges in her community and region, and is passionate about addressing these crises through both policy and health interventions. Beyond being a Division I track and field athlete in college, Aminah has also channeled her energies into her education having studied Biology at East Carolina University and completing a Masters in Physiology and Biophysics with a concentration in Integrative Medicine from Georgetown University. Her research with Breaths Together for a Change centers blending wisdom traditions, Indigenous epistemology, with Western epistemology to test how meditation and mindfulness can reduce racial bias and heal historical trauma. She has served as a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate, and founded Good Medicine Woman LLC to address gaps in knowledge about Indigenous culture and epistemology. Aminah is incredibly intentional in the way she approaches the world — she wants to give everything she can to help bring justice to women, Native Americans, Black Americans, and others who have been systematically erased or violently repressed throughout American history, especially in the local communities she knows best. Aminah is able to blend the fierceness and ambition for meaningful, tangible change for those who most need it with incredible empathy, kindness, groundedness, and openness to learning about other’s experiences too.