For the past five years, Christy Clark has been dedicated to working on gun violence prevention as a volunteer leader for Moms Demand Action. She spent many hours in the General Assembly working with legislators on both sides of the aisle, attending committee meetings and sessions of the House and Senate.  As a North Carolina Certified Paralegal for eight years, Christy has helped small business owners and entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. She has worked with the Secretary of State in North Carolina and has seen that welcoming small business policies ensure the success of start-ups and entrepreneurs. This work has given her insight into what is needed to grow a business. She currently works as an intellectual property and business law paralegal at a law firm founded by her husband, Chris. She and Chris were born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia and currently reside in Huntersville. She received her undergraduate degree in English at Roanoke College and Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Duke University. Together, she and Chris have five children and a rescue dog.

Three key priorities for Christy are:

Economic Development: The economy in North Carolina has improved, but our education funding has not been restored to sufficient levels. Christy wants to ensure all the children of North Carolina have the same opportunity to get a good education so they can one day fulfill their dreams.

Gun Safety: Christy supports the 2nd Amendment and responsible gun ownership. However, she also knows more can be done to reduce gun violence. She supports a background check on all sales of guns to make it more difficult for people who shouldn’t have firearms, like domestic abusers and convicted criminals.

Environment: North Carolina is a state rich with natural resources. She believes our legislature should protect the health and safety of the people of North Carolina and ensure there is clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

Hear from Christy:

Christy Clark for NC District 98

Endorsed by: Emily’s List, Democracy for America, The Charlotte Observer, and many more.