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Campaign volunteers will be the are the force that makes or breaks an election. Every progressive campaign across North Carolina will be hungry for volunteers to help spread the word about their cause. Help Her Win will train a force of volunteers to help elect progressive candidates across the state. Having volunteers who are already trained will help drive the candidates’ message deeper and wider.

Participants will learn how to help candidates from announcement to election day. Topics covered will range from:

  • How to scout for candidates and help them find, and file for, the right office.
  • How to set up a fundraising system.
  • How to effectively canvass and phone bank.
  • How to manage other volunteers.

If you have ever wanted to help a candidate’s campaign get off the ground, this is the training for you. If you plan to phone bank or canvass for a candidate this year, this is the training for you. Volunteers have always been a staple of a political campaigns, but never before has there been such a need.

The Help Her Win will be in Wrightsville Beach from 9AM-1PM on October 19th. Register today! 


Devon Roberts

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