2[1]Lillian’s List is partnered with Wellstone, EMILY’s List, and Lead NC to bring this cutting annual edge training for municipal and legislative candidates. On January 15-17, 2016 candidates from all over North Carolina came together to learn everything they need to know to run winning campaigns in 2016.

Participants learned the nuts and bolts of building a strong campaign from the ground up. Hard skills covered during the 2.5 day training include the following:

  • Campaign Plan Overview
  • Understanding Candidate roles & responsibilities
  • Running and Winning Elections
  • Developing Your Personal Story
  • Pivoting & Staying on Message
  • Utilizing Polling to Shape Your Message and Strategy
  • Paid Communications and Your Campaign
  • Earned Media and Working with Reporters
  • Building Your Network/List
  • Effective Fundraising, Developing and Implementing a Plan
  • Budgeting Fundamentals
  • Electoral Base Building
  • Voter Contact, Targeting and Field
  • NC Campaign Finance Law Compliance
  • Crisis Management


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