July 3, 2019

Join us at Lead with Lillian!

Each year, we gather our sisterhood in Chapel Hill, where Lillian’s List was founded over 20 years ago, to celebrate our progress in changing the face of power in NC and the leadership of the women we have helped elect. Join us this year to honor our elected women like Rep. Deb Butler, who counts speaking out against and defeating the dangerous and misleading “Born Alive” bill earlier this year as one of her proudest leadership moments. We’ll hear from Justice Anita Earls, a bold and fearless leader who has fought for voting and civil rights and now, after last year’s landmark elections, sits on our state’s highest court.

Sponsorships and tickets for Lead with Lillian 2019 are available now!

We’ll continue to share some of the many stories of leadership from our former Featured Candidates and training alumni this summer as we get closer to Lead with Lillian. We hope you’ll sponsor or purchase a ticket today–your support makes all this possible!