Just the Start

February 7, 2019

We’re so excited about the start of the 2019 legislative session. Now that conservatives no longer have a super-majority in both the House and the Senate, we have more power to enact the progressive policies of our Featured Candidates. We have started the session off strong with a bill to expand Medicaid that was introduced in both chambers. We’re so proud to see  many of our Featured Candidates as sponsors of the bill. In the House, all primary sponsors of the Medicaid expansion bill are Lillian’s List candidates you have helped elect.

What is something you’d like to say to our progressive women serving in the NCGA? Maybe you’d like to thank them for standing up for reproductive rights in NC. Maybe you want to ask them what it was like to run for office. Maybe you’d like to ask them about their stance on an issue that’s important to you. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with several of the progressive women serving in the NCGA at our Legislative Lunch in Raleigh on March 22nd. 

We’re trying something new this year at the event –  legislative speed dating. Legislators will rotate from table to table and meet and hear from our guests. This is a unique opportunity to have a candid conversation with the women you’ve helped elect.

Join us in Raleigh and make your voice heard!

Participating Legislators (as of January 31st)
Rep. Gale Adcock • Rep. Cynthia Ball • Rep. Mary Belk • Rep. MaryAnn Black • Rep. Deb Butler Rep. Becky Carney • Rep. Christy Clark
Rep. Carla Cunningham • Rep. Ashton Clemmons • Rep. Allison Dahle • Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield
Rep. Susan Fisher • Sen. Valerie Foushee • Rep. Rosa Gill • Rep. Yvonne Holley • Rep. Rachel Hunt
Rep. Carolyn Logan • Rep. Marcia Morey • Sen. Gladys Robinson • Sen. Erica Smith
Rep. Kandie Smith • Rep. Evelyn Terry • Sen. Terry Van Duyn • Rep. Julie von Haefen • Sen. Joyce Waddell