The Lillian’s List Action Fund recruits and trains women to run for public office up and down the ticket.

The Lillian’s List PAC has helped every woman elected to serve in the General Assembly and Council of State as well as many women in varying levels of elected offices around the state.

Our training programs held in major cities across the state provide candidates with the tools they need to win their elections. We are so proud to see women who are champions for reproductive freedom holding public office across the North Carolina. Since our Action Fund was founded in 2011 we have trained 665 potential candidates.

Lillian’s List affiliated PAC recruits and identifies viable women candidates who are champions for reproductive freedom for the General Assembly, the Council of State and the Governor’s office and recommends these candidates to our members for support. Since the Lillian’s List PAC was founded in 1997 we have supported 92 women to run for the General Assembly and Council of state. We are proud to say that 53 Featured Candidates have won their seats. Read more about Lillian’s List PAC.

Help us change the face of power in North Carolina by contributing to  Lillian’s List today!