Rachel Hunt, J.D., C.C.C. Rachel Hunt has been an attorney since 1994. She worked in domestic law and mediation for fifteen years. When her children were small she decided to keep her license but focus her energy full time on parenting. She was active in CMS PTA and SLT school volunteer jobs for ten years. She was also active in community organizations, chairing the educational committee of the League of Women Voters of Charlotte Mecklenburg and the Boards of Lillian’s List, her son’s charter school and Generation Nation. She currently sits on the NC Foundation for Public School Children Board. Rachel earned a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA in 2014. She owns Hunt For College, L.L.C. She is a founding partner of Charlotte School Search, L.L.C., an educational consulting practice that aids parents in finding the right K-12 school for their child. She has two children. Katia is a senior at the University of Central Florida studying hospitality and Jonas is a freshman studying mechanical engineering at NCSU. Her husband Olav Nilender is retired from working as an ER physician and now works as an Addictive Disease Physician.

Four key priorities for Rachel are:
Education: Public education must be adequately supported and funded; including teachers’ pay, specials like music and P.E. and health education classes, including sexual health.
Economic Opportunity – This includes workforce development and retraining, economic incentives for companies and laws that encourage creativity and a good standard of living.
Healthcare -Expanding Medicaid to ensure that everyone has access to affordable insurance. Insurance companies should provide coverage for all women’s health needs.
Environment – We must ensure that North Carolinians have clean air and water through the use of alternative energy solutions.

Hear from Rachel:

Rachel Hunt for NC House

Endorsed by: President Barack Obama, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, and many more.