Recruitment Season

February 7, 2019

In 2018, we helped elect nine new women to the NCGA. In 2020, we’re going to work to protect the women currently serving and  elect pro-choice women to the Council of State. But, we’re also scouting for women to run for the NCGA and local offices across North Carolina. We know that you know amazing women who should consider running for office. Maybe it’s you! We want to meet these women and help them be successful!

Our Get Ready to Run training is designed for women thinking about running in the next few years. Our Win Locally training is designed for women who are current candidates running for local office. Both of these trainings give women the tools they need to run a strong, modern campaign. One of the benefits of our trainings is being connected to women who are in similar situations. It’s so powerful that a sisterhood of support has developed between the women at our candidate trainings.

If running for office isn’t for you, we hope you’ll encourage a woman you know to run for office. On average, it takes a women seven asks before she makes a decision to run. We need to stand up and encourage the amazing women in our lives.

Nominate a future woman candidate today!