Are you a Lillian’s List Revolutionary? Quite possibly! A Lillian’s List Revolutionary is typically young (or young at heart) and has a growing interest in North Carolina politics. We know that the next generation of political champions are emerging every day, and we want to do what we can to activate an interest in electing women to public office in North Carolina among this new group.

How can you get involved with us as a Lillian’s List Revolutionary? There are many ways. We frequently have discounted tickets for Revolutionaries  at our major events so everyone is able to attend! In 2017 we had two events. We’re planning two more in 2018 to stay tuned. We hope you’ll join us!

We are so inspired by the energy of those rising through the political ranks and can’t wait to see the innovative ways they help Lillian’s List change the face of power in North Carolina!

Check out photos from our last Revolutionary event!