Lillian’s List is committed to building a pipeline of progressive women candidates and staffers ready to run, win and lead at all levels of political leadership. Through our recruitment, training and leadership development programs, we invest in progressive women early, helping them to move up the pipeline of leadership and public service in North Carolina. We are the only organization that offers our legislative Featured Candidates 360° support.

Our 2020 Featured Candidates receive:

  • Early advice during the recruitment process. We identify winnable legislative districts across the state and go there early in the election cycle to train women on the basics of running for office.
  • We stay in touch with our training alumni and recruit women to run for the seat that best suits them.
  • Once a legislative candidate is approved for Featured Candidate status we help find her a campaign manager trained through our Jamie Kirk Hahn Academy for campaign managers and staff. We also connect her to volunteers if needed.
  • We are proud to provide crucial early money for our Featured Candidates from the Lillian’s List PAC. Because we are a non-partisan PAC we are able to provide support for our candidates even if they are in a primary election.
  • Featured Candidates are eligible to receive even more funding from the Lillian’s List Sisterhood through our collective giving program. In 2018, we were able to direct over $375,000 to our Featured Candidates!
  • From before announcing their candidacy to after the election we are there for our Featured Candidates to provide emotional support and answer technical questions. There is never a point in the campaign when we are unavailable for our candidates. 

We provide trainings specifically for women running for local office. The Lillian’s List PAC does not endorse or provide monetary support for local candidates. However, we are always available to provide emotional and technical support for women running at the local level. It is important to our mission to help as many women who are champions of reproductive freedom as possible win elections at every level of public office.

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