featured-candidates-2016The Lillian’s List Action Fund is committed to building a pipeline of progressive women candidates and staffers ready to run, win and lead at all levels of political leadership. Through our recruitment, training and leadership development programs, we invest in progressive women early, helping them to move up the pipeline of leadership and public service in North Carolina.

We offer six trainings focusing on candidates in different stages of running for office. Since our Action Fund was founded in 2011 we have trained 665 potential candidates.

  • Help Her Win: Lillian’s List Engagement Training: designed to teach women and men how they can become involved in progressive political campaigns, both as a candidate or one of the many other roles crucial to making a campaign a success. We offer these throughout the state every year.
  • Get Ready to Run: Lillian’s List is partnered with  EMILY’s List  and Lead NC to produce the Get Ready to Run regional trainings. These half-day seminars are designed for leaders who are considering the possibility of running for office in the next five years of their life. We offer these throughout the state every year.
  • Get Elected: Lillian’s List is partnered with Wellstone, EMILY’s List, and Lead NC to bring this cutting edge training to legislative candidates. Candidates learn how to craft their personal story, fundraise, and the basics of building a field program. Offered every two years.
  • Get Elected Locally: Adapted from our Get Elected training, this hard-skills program is designed for women in the midst of running at the local level. Offered every two years.
  • Winning With Women:  A highly experiential workshop for progressive pro-choice women candidates with tools to use right away.
  • Values, Issues, and Messaging Training: Candidates learn how to talk about the important issues impacting North Carolina.

Do you know a woman who might be a good candidate for public office one day?

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