emilykristine_lillianslist_027To find women leaders, we need your help.

Do you know a woman who would make a great political candidate? Let us know who she is and we’ll ask her to run!

Our 350 person strong scout network alerts us to emerging leaders in their hometowns who might enter the political pipeline. We believe developing this network with important advisers is a critical step in building the infrastructure we need to move North Carolina forward.

Want to become a scout? Watch our online tutorial to learn more. 

Lillian’s List has crisscrossed the state to grow our candidate scout network in search of the next leaders of North Carolina. One scout, Cosette Serbajit-Singh, found a qualified future candidate on the tennis court. She noticed a teammate who didn’t wait for someone else to solve a problem, but rather made it her job to create a path to a solution. “Lillian’s List was there to provide the expertise to take it from ‘maybe someday’ to a name on the ballot,” Cosette told us. Cosette’s scouting paid off and her teammate decided to run!

Please contact Devon Roberts if you would like to join our scouting program!

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