Christy Agner is a native of Salisbury and currently resides in Raleigh, NC. While in college, she served on the State and National Boards for College and Young Democrats and later on the Democratic National Committee, representing women under 35. She worked for two DNC Chairmen–Terry McAuliffe and Gov. Howard Dean – as the Exec. Director for the DNC’s Women’s Vote Center. Christy worked on several NC campaigns for women leaders, including those of Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and Governor Bev Perdue. She is a charter board member of Lillian’s List of NC, a Fellow of the NC Institute of Political leadership and active with Lutheridge / Lutherock Ministries located in Asheville & Newland, NC. She is a graduate of NC State University, where she was a varsity student athlete as ‘Ms.Wuf’. Christy loves the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Wolfpack, and pickles.