Rep. Deb Butler was appointed to the North Carolina House in 2017. She was elected to her seat in 2018.

Deb Butler worked her way through college at The University of Tennessee where she earned her BA in English, as well as through law school at Wake Forest University School of Law where she received her Juris Doctorate. She then worked as an attorney in New York City before returning home to NC where she practices law and renovates historic properties. She and Anni make their home in Wilmington’s Historic District. Serving in her freshman year as the Representative for House District 18 has been the privilege, the challenge and the new focus of her life. As the only Democrat representing Coastal NC, she often finds herself a solitary voice, but is excited and eager for the future of NC.

Three key priorities of Deb’s campaign are:

1. Teacher Pay and the Achievement Gap: As the gap between affluent students and those of modest means continues to grow, it is hard to see public education as leveling the playing field thereby affording ALL children a chance to succeed. Couple that with abysmal teacher pay compared to other states, and we have set the course for failure of our public school system. This is among our greatest challenges as we move forward in NC.
2. Expansion of Medicaid: The refusal to expand Medicaid is a tragedy. It would afford healthcare to 500,000 people in NC and it would create 26,000 jobs. The expansion could be done without raising our taxes because we as taxpayers have made those contributions already. This must be a priority for us.
3. Clean Water and No Off-shore Drilling: As a coastal representative, her constituents have spoken loudly and clearly. They want a comprehensive statewide solution to deal with emerging contaminants such as GenX and others, and they are strongly opposed to Off-Shore drilling, just like Deb.