Rep. Kandie Smith was elected to the North Carolina House in 2018. 

Kandie Smith is a proven leader with a strong commitment and passion for engaging and serving the community. She is a current city council representative in Greenville NC where she serves District One. She has been a member of the council since 2009, fighting for fairness and equality for all citizens. She recently made history by being the first African American Female Mayor of the City of Greenville, NC. She serves on two national commissions and numerous other boards. She is a people person with a bright personality and rarely says “no” when asked to help or assist. She doesn’t seem to shy away from a challenge or obstacle of any kind.  Smith obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Charleston Southern University where she majored in Sociology and minored in Communications. She is a business owner, the President and CEO of K. Smith Consulting, where she provides staff development and instruction for businesses throughout the United States with a focus in Crisis management. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority where she is the immediate past president and current Social Action Chair of the Greenville (NC) Alumnae Chapter. Kandie likes to make a positive difference wherever she goes.  Social action is her driving force and she definitely believes that being social with no action is just a party.

Four key priorities for Kandie are:

1) Education—ensuring that our state has an outstanding educational system that allows all of our children to be effectively educated
2) Jobs & Economic Development— ensuring that the climate in our state is ripe for continued job creation & economic prosperity.
3) Mental Health— looking at the best ways to identify & address mental health concerns in our state by being proactive instead of reactive.
4) Criminal Justice Reform— find ways to ensure that our criminal justice system is fair and equatable for all.