Natasha Marcus was elected to the North Carolina Senate in 2018.

Natasha is the daughter of a school teacher and a small-town lawyer and State Assemblyman. She’s been interested and involved in politics her whole life. She has an undergraduate degree in public policy and a law degree from Duke University. As an attorney, she practiced commercial litigation and was a federal judicial clerk, before leaving the workforce for many years to raise her two daughters, who are now ages 17 and 20. Natasha is a dedicated volunteer in the local schools and with various non-profits, and has led grassroots advocacy teams against Amendment One and HB2 and in favor of many Democratic candidates for more than fifteen years. She ran a competitive campaign for NC House in 2014 and currently works for a local non-profit community center.

Three key priorities for Natasha are:

1. Support for public education, from pre-K through our community colleges and universities, which is the framework on which we will build our future.
2. Building a robust, fair economy with good-paying jobs and middle-class sustainability with access to affordable healthcare.
3. Insisting on protections for our clean water, air and soil.