Explore: Campaigns 101

This virtual training is for women exploring  the political realm. Whether you see yourself as a future candidate, volunteer, or staffer this training will provide you with an introduction to North Carolina politics. We’ll give you the next steps to move forward in your political journey.


Stay tuned for dates in the Fall!


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Help Her Win
volunteer trainings!

Prepare: Future Candidate Training

This virtual, multi-day training is for women preparing to run for any office in North Carolina in the next 1-3 years. We will provide you with hard skills and techniques to prepare yourself and your life to run for office. There are no prerequisites to attend this training. Trainees must apply and be accepted. Trainees will have access to a Resource Center to help launch their campaigns.

Stay tuned for more dates!
Saturday: 10am-12pm Build Your Network
Saturday: 1pm-3pm Fundraising
Tuesday: 6pm-7pm Compliance
via Zoom
Personal Narrative (hosted by Irene Godinez) and Social Media (hosted by Jenna Wadsworth) trainings will be sent around to trainees to view on their own time.
$20 registration fee, scholarships available

Stay tuned for more dates in August!

Launch: Path To Victory Training

This virtual, multi-day trainings is for women who have filed or are about to file to run for office in North Carolina. We will give you the hard skills to run a strong, modern campaign. Trainees will have access to a Resource Center to help launch their campaigns.

We will be hosting PTV trainings beginning in the fall. We will host a version of this training that is specifically for women running at the local level.

Topics covered: Fundraising, Messaging (positive and contrast), Rural & Urban Field, Personal Story Workshop, and Social Media. This will be a combination of mostly live trainings and trainings you can view
on your own time.

Candidates interested in attending will need to apply, however there are no prerequisites to attend. There is a $25 registration fee and scholarships are available

Staff Trainings

The Lillian’s List Foundation, a 501(c)3, will be hosting our Campaign Camp for campaign staff in November, 2021! Current and future campaign staff will learn how to run a strong, modern campaign at every level of the ballot. The training will have virtual, pre-recorded, and in person portions. We will also be hosting a job fair for staff looking for work on North Carolina campaigns. Graduates of our highly regarded campaign staff trainings have gone onto run successful political campaigns, work in political offices around the country, and staff influential non-profits. These trainings are application based and geared towards people either currently working on a progressive campaign in North Carolina or seeking a job on a North Carolina campaign.