We saved legal abortion in NC

November 11, 2022

We saved legal abortion access in North Carolina for the next two years! Democrats continue to have a veto-proof minority in the House. While we are disappointed we did not hold onto enough seats in the NC Senate to maintain our veto-proof minority, our candidates defended and flipped critical competitive seats across the state. Because of our work to advance progressive women candidates who will champion reproductive freedom in office, Republicans do not have the votes in the North Carolina House to overcome a veto from Governor Cooper.

We have held onto abortion access for the next two years and will be able to defend our state from future anti-abortion legislation.

We’re SO PROUD of all of the women who ran for office to champion reproductive freedom this year. In 2022 we endorsed more candidates than in any previous year. We endorsed 15 Targeted Featured Candidates who were running in the most competitive legislative districts in the state, many of whom we recruited to run and trained.

We’re thrilled to announce that the following Targeted Featured Candidates all won their campaigns! Congratulations to Sydney Batch (SD 17, Wake County), Mary Wills Bode (SD 18, Wake & Granville counties), Laura Budd (HD 103, Mecklenburg County), Deb Butler (HD 18, New Hanover), Rachel Hunt (SD 42, Mecklenburg County), Lindsey Prather (HD 115, Buncombe County), Diamond Staton-Williams (HD 73, Cabarrus County)!

We’re disappointed that the following Targeted Featured Candidates did not win their hard fought campaigns, but we are so proud of Amy Block Deloach (HD 20, New Hanover County), Carla Catalan Day (HD 74, Forsyth County), Christy Clark (HD 98, Mecklenburg County), Linda Cooper-Suggs (HD 24, Wilson County), Christine Kelly (HD 37, Wake County), Valerie Jordan (SD 3, Northeast Counties), Marcia Morgan (SD 7, New Hanover County), and Lillie Williams (HD 12, Greene, Lenoir & Jones counties).

Each of these candidates ran a strong, modern campaign during a difficult and unpredictable election cycle and we are so grateful for their effort and dedication to reproductive freedom and proud to be among their chief supporters.

This year we also endorsed 10 Recommended Featured Candidates who were running in districts where the makeup of the district made it much more likely that a progressive woman could win. Lillian’s List recruited and trained many of these candidates and we are elated that these new progressive women candidates have won and will be heading to the legislature in 2023. The first two Asian women, Maria Cerevania and Ya Liu, to ever be elected to the NCGA are among this group! We look forward to seeing what they do in the NCGA.

Congratulations to Gale Adcock (SD 16, Wake County), Sarah Crawford (HD 66, Wake County), Glorestine Brown (HD 8, Pitt County), Kanika Brown (HD 71, Forsyth County), Maria Cervania (HD 41, Wake County), Lisa Grafstein (SD 13, Wake County), Frances Jackson (HD 45, Cumberland County), Ya Liu (HD 21, Wake County), Renee Price (HD 50, Orange & Caswell counties), and Kandie Smith (SD 5, Pitt & Edgecombe counties)!

Lastly, as with every election we were proud to endorse legislators running for re-election. These women have been serving in the NCGA holding the line in a difficult political climate. We have been, and remain, proud to be on their team as they fight for reproductive freedom and gender equity. We wish them luck in the upcoming legislative session!


Congratulations to Rep. Vernetta Alston, Rep. Amber Baker. Rep. Cynthia Ball, Rep. Mary Belk, Rep. Becky Carney, Rep. Ashton Wheeler Clemons, Rep. Carla Cunningham, Rep. Allison Dahle, Rep. Rosa Gill, Rep. Pricey Harrison, Rep. Carolyn Logan, Sen. Natasha Marcus, Sen. Julie Mayfield, Rep. Marcia Morey, Sen. Natalie Murdock, Sen. Gladys Robinson, Sen. Deandra Salvador, Rep. Julie von Haefen, and Sen. Joyce Waddell.

We want to congratulate Congresswomen Alma Adams, Deb Ross, Kathy Manning, and joining them this year is former Lillian’s List Featured Candidate Valerie Foushee! Valerie is the third Black woman from North Carolina to be elected to the United States Congress. We look forward to watching these women champion reproductive freedom on the national level.

Additionally, we are saddened by Cheri Beasley’s loss for the US Senate. Cheri would have been the first Black woman to ever represent North Carolina and the South in the US Senate. She would have been the third Black woman to ever serve in the Senate. We are proud of the campaign she ran and wish it had turned out differently.

Political victories are always hard won. This year was no different and the stakes were incredibly high. But because of our recruitment, training, and support of this fabulous slate of winning Featured Candidates, North Carolina will remain a critical access point for abortion care throughout the southeast.

We thank you so much for your support of Lillian’s List and our Featured Candidates! This victory would never have happened without you!

In solidarity,

Sarah Preston
Executive Director