1[1]The mission of the Lillian’s List PAC and Action Fund is to build a pipeline of progressive women candidates and staffers ready to run, win and lead at all levels of political leadership from City Council to Council of State. Through our recruitment, training and leadership development programs, we invest in progressive women early, helping them to move up the pipeline of leadership and public service in North Carolina.

Working with our progressive partners and local stakeholders, our organization recruits and trains progressive women leaders, preparing them to run for public office or work on political campaigns at all levels in their communities.

Our work is focused on three goals:906093_10153246112938437_5188023984781545907_o

Recruitment: Identifying and recruiting progressive women leaders who are interested in running for public office or working on political campaigns at all levels.

Training: Providing leadership training for progressive women candidates and staffers at all levels from those just becoming interested in politics to filed candidates running modern campaigns. Read more about our training program. 

Leadership Development:  Cultivating the leadership skills of progressive women leaders at all levels through mentorship, technical support and networking opportunities.

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