Winning With Women for 22 Years

August 23, 2019

Lillian’s List has been recruiting and supporting women running for the North Carolina House of Representatives and State Senate for 22 years.  Over the years, we have endorsed over 120 progressive women who are champions of reproductive freedom as Lillian’s List Featured Candidates.  We have helped elect 72 of those women to the House, Senate, and Council of State.  And those numbers are about to start climbing again.

We have already begun our endorsement process for 2020, meeting with candidates from all over the state to hear about their campaigns, their issues, and their values.  There is nothing more inspirational to us here at Lillian’s List than talking with a candidate about her decision to run, her community and why she wants to serve.  The amazing thing is all of them are in this for the same reason, to make their community and North Carolina a better place.  Sure, they all want to win and they have the plans that will help them do so, but at the end of the day, they view elected office as public service.  They are inspiring and their experiences and accomplishments would bring so much to politics and policy in North Carolina.

For us, supporting women running for office is no passing fad and we have a history of success helping candidates.  Lillian’s List held our very first event back in September of 1997.  In keeping with that tradition, we are looking forward to our annual Lead with Lillian reception in Chapel Hill next month and it seems only fitting that we will be introducing our first Featured Candidates of 2020 to the Sisterhood there!  We can’t wait for you to get to know them.  I know you will see in these women what I have already seen, the warmth, humor, and grit that will allow them to run winning campaigns in 2020.  I hope you will join the Sisterhood on September 15 for Lead with Lillian to meet the first round of 2020 Lillian’s List Featured Candidates!