Women at the Top

August 1, 2019

2020 is shaping up to be an even more exciting election season than 2018. The campaign season is starting earlier and NCGA candidates have already declared to get a jump on fundraising. This is a smart strategy since many of the progressive candidates have outraised their opponents! We love that this election cycle is already so busy since it means progressives, pro-choice legislators may finally take over one or both chambers in the General Assembly.

We have been on the ground recruiting since November of last year. We are looking at 24 competitive legislative seats for 2020. Learn more about our recruitment process. This could be our biggest slate of Featured Candidates ever! No one has been endorsed yet (announcements for our first round are coming soon) but it looks like there will be women running in many of the targeted districts. At our most recent Get Ready to Run training, we had four legislative women candidates poised to announce their election. Progressive women have declared for five of the ten Council of State seats. It’s so encouraging to have women at the top of the ticket!

While progress at the state level is being made every year, there were 46/100 counties in North Carolina that did not have a woman serving on their County Commission in 2018. As Lillian’s List grows, we have been working more at the local level. Our Win Locally training in June prepared 16 women who are running in 2019 or 2020 to run strong, modern campaigns. We look forward to watching these women win their elections and maybe even move up through the pipeline to run for a state office!

Since 2020 will be our biggest, and most important election to date, will you donate to the Lillian’s List PAC today and help us send more women to the NCGA?