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Meet the Candidate – Jen Mangrum

Jen Mangrum is running for statewide office as the NC State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  As a veteran educator who now teaches teachers, she is deeply committed to North Carolina’s public education system.  In running for this office, Jen in


Meet the Candidate – Julie Mayfield

Asheville City Councilwoman Julie Mayfield is ready to move forward. She handily won her primary and is now the Democratic nominee for Senate District 49. This district is considered safe so we have every reason to expect Julie will be elected come Novemb


Meet the Candidate – Rep. Rachel Hunt

Representative Rachel Hunt has deep ties to the Lillian’s List Sisterhood, she used to be our Board Chair. We’re so proud to see her serving in the NCGA working hard to make North Carolina a better place to be a woman. Along with her colleagues she ha

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