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Into the Unknown

We can’t pretend we’re not disappointed by the results of the election. While we wait for the results of the Presidential election and watch as every last North Carolina vote is counted, we will focus on what we do know. We are so happy Governor Roy C


Statement on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Like us, you may have convinced yourself that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be with us forever. But last night, the legend left us, and we are shocked, saddened, and scared. She was a champion of gender equity for women and did more on the Court to ad


Meet the Candidate – Rep. Gale Adcock

Rep. Gale Adcock was the Lillian’s List heroine of 2014 when she was the only progressive woman legislator elected to the NCGA. We’ve been so lucky to have her in our legislature every year since. Gale is a Nurse Practitioner and approaches her work w

Get Involved!

Get Ready To Network

We always say that no one campaigns alone. You can’t run for office without the help of your network and the bigger and stronger your network is

2020 Election Debrief

Join us to discuss the results of 2020 election and the impact on our Featured Candidate program. We’ll give updates on our plans for 2021, talk

Former Featured Candidates