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Meet The Candidate – Jenna Wadsworth

This is definitely not Jenna Wadsworth’s first campaign. She was first elected to public office at age 21 to the Wake County Soil and Water Board of Supervisors. She was the youngest woman ever elected to public office in North Carolina. Jenna is now ru


Meet the Candidate – Emily Bunch Nicholson

There are some parts of Emily Bunch Nicholson’s district that you have to take a boat to get to. She is running to represent House District 1 which covers Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Perquimans, Tyrell, and Washington counties. It’s no small feat, but Emi


Meet the Candidate – Jen Mangrum

Jen Mangrum is running for statewide office as the NC State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  As a veteran educator who now teaches teachers, she is deeply committed to North Carolina’s public education system.  In running for this office, Jen in

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