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We recruit, train, and support progressive, pro-choice women running for office in NC.

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We've helped elect dozens of progressive, pro-choice women to the General Assembly and Council of State.

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We support women who are champions of reproductive freedom and equity for women.

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What is Lillian’s List?

Lillian’s List recruits, trains and supports progressive women, who are champions of reproductive freedom and equity for women, to run for public office in North Carolina. Through our Action Fund, we provide strategic guidance and political training to women leaders across North Carolina who are interested in running for political office. The Lillian’s List PAC supports pro-choice, progressive women running for the General Assembly and Council of State.


Who is Lillian?

Lillian Exum Clement was not only the first woman to serve in the North Carolina General Assembly, but also the first woman to serve in any state legislature in the South. In 1920, at just 26 years old, she ran and won against two male opponents in a primary election before the Equal Suffrage Amendment had even passed. Clement said of her experience running for office: “I want to blaze a trail for other women. I know that years from now there will be many other women in politics, but you have to start a thing.”


Last month, the NC General Assembly passed new legislative maps for both the NC House and Senate. These maps were drawn in total secrecy by Republicans, with no input from their constituents or Democratic colleagues. Since Republican policies like cont …

We’re thrilled to announce that the recipient of our 2023 Jan Allen Courage Award is Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams, who represents House District 73 in Cabarrus County! Diamond, a Registered Nurse, mother of three, and former town councilor, was the onl …

The Republican 12-week monster abortion ban goes into effect today, July 1. Though the rushed, poorly written bill faces legal challenges, a federal judge has allowed it to go into effect while temporarily blocking a rule about required doctor paperwor …

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