Lillian’s List is committed to building a pipeline of progressive women candidates and staffers ready to run, win and lead at all levels of political leadership.

We have trained 665 potential candidates since 2011. In addition to candidate and campaign staff training, we recruit new women candidates committed to reproductive freedom and equality for women to run for office in North Carolina.

Our network includes more than 8,000 women and men from across North Carolina committed to recruiting, training, and funding viable women candidates. We have a candidate scout network of more than 300 members statewide. In the past two decades, we have identified over 800 potential progressive women leaders. Together we are changing the face of power in North Carolina.

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Diversity Statement


We strive to ensure our Board of Directors, staff, members, and candidates reflect the diversity of North Carolina. We are committed to increasing the diversity of women in elected offices in our state. North Carolina is constantly changing, and we embrace that change and the addition of new voices to our democracy.


Lillian’s List By the Numbers

Since 2011:

Candidates Supported

Candidates Elected

Future Leaders Trained

Lillian’s List Staff

Sarah Preston
Executive Director
Laura Tormey Headshot
Laura Tormey
Development Director
Taylor Grady-Daly
Development & Communications Manager
Montica Talmadge
Director of Leadership Programs

Lillian’s List Board

Ann Morris
Board Chair
Laura Edwards
Angella Dunston
PAC Chair
Lynne Walter Headshot
Lynne Walter
Chair Fund Development
Mim Williams headshot
Mim Williams
Vice Chair
Martha Alexander Headshot
Martha Alexander
Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee
Valencia Handy
Board Member
Kimberly Hardy
Kimberly Hardy
Board Member
Alicia Reynolds
Board Member
Amy Duffy
Board Member
Lucy Russell
Board Member
Rosemary Ireland
Board Member
Diane Ford
Board Member
Suzanna Geiser
Board Member
Morgan Jacobs
Board Member