Meet the Candidates

We believe electing smart, dedicated, progressive women in North Carolina helps protect our health, our families, and our livelihoods. By changing the face of power, we also change the conversation in Raleigh. Come meet the candidates we’ve recruited, trained, and supported over the years.

2020 Winning Featured Candidates

All of Lillian’s List Incumbent Featured Candidates were re-elected to their seats in the North Carolina General Assembly and Council of State. They were joined by eight of our Featured Candidates who were running for the first time. We are so lucky to have all of these women who are champions of reproductive freedom and equity for women in office!

Gale Adcock Headshot

Rep. Gale Adcock

Gale represents House District 41 in Wake County.

Vernetta Alston Head Shot

Rep. Vernetta Alston

Vernetta represents House District 29 in Durham County.

Cynthia Ball Headshot

Rep. Cynthia Ball

Cynthia represents House District 49 in Wake County.

Sydney Batch Headshot

Sen. Sydney Batch

Sydney represents Senate District 17 in Wake County.

Mary Belk Headshot

Rep. Mary Belk

Mary represents House District 88 in Mecklenburg County.

Deb Butler Headshot

Rep. Deb Butler

Deb represents House District 18 in New Hanover County.

Becky Carney Headshot

Rep. Becky Carney

Becky represents House District 102 in Mecklenburg County.

Ashton Clemmons Headshot

Rep. Ashton Clemmons

Ashton represents House District 57 in Guilford County.

Sarah Crawford Headshot

Sen. Sarah Crawford

Sarah represents Senate District 18 in Wake County.

Linda Cooper-Suggs Headshot

Rep. Linda Cooper-Suggs

Linda represents House District 24 from Wilson County.

Carla Cunningham Headshot

Rep. Carla Cunningham

Carla represents House District 106 from Mecklenburg County.

Allison Dahle Headshot

Rep. Allison Dahle

Allison represents House District 11 in Wake County.

Susan Fisher Headshot

Rep. Susan Fisher

Susan represents House District 114 in Buncombe County.

Valerie Foushee Headshot

Sen. Valerie Foushee

Valerie represents Senate District 23 in Orange & Chatham counties.

Rosa Gill Headshot

Rep. Rosa Gill

Rosa represents House District 33 in Wake County.

Pricey Harrison Headshot

Rep. Pricey Harrison

Pricey represents House District 61 in Guilford County.

Rachel Hunt Headshot

Rep. Rachel Hunt

Rachel represents House District 103 in Mecklenburg County.

Verla Insko Headshot

Rep. Verla Insko

Verla represents House District 56 in Orange County.

Carolyn Logan Headshot

Rep. Carolyn Logan

Carolyn represents House District 101 in Mecklenburg County.

Natasha Marcus Headshot

Sen. Natasha Marcus

Natasha represents Senate District 41 in Mecklenburg County.

Elaine Marshall Headshot

Elaine Marshall

Elaine is the Secretary of State in North Carolina.

Julie Mayfield Headshot

Sen. Julie Mayfield

Julie represents Senate District 49 in Buncombe County.

Marcia Morey Headshot

Rep. Marcia Morey

Marcia represents House District 30 in Durham County.

Natalie Murdock Headshot

Sen. Natalie Murdock

Natalie represents Senate District 20 in Durham County.

Gladys Robinson Headshot

Sen. Gladys Robinson

Gladys represents Senate District 28 in Guilford County.

Deandrea Salvador Headshot

Sen. Deandrea Salvador

DeAndrea represents Senate District 39 in Mecklenburg County.

Kandie Smith Headshot

Rep. Kandie Smith

Kandie represents House District 8 in Pitt County.

Evelyn Terry Headshot

Rep. Evelyn Terry

Evelyn represents House District 71 in Forsyth County.

Julie Von Haefen Headshot

Rep. Julie Von Haefen

Julie represents House District 36 in Wake County.

Joyce Waddell Headshot

Sen. Joyce Waddell

Joyce represents Senate District 40 in Mecklenburg County.

Beth Wood Headshot

Beth Wood

Beth is the State Auditor of North Carolina.

Former Featured Candidates

Federal Officials

U.S. Congresswoman Alma Adams
U.S. Congresswoman Deb Ross
Former U.S. Senator Kay Hagan

North Carolina Council of State

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. June Atkinson
State Treasurer Janet Cowell

North Carolina Senate

Sen. Terry Van Duyn (Asheville)
Former Sen. Julia Boseman (Wilmington)
Former Sen. Angela Bryant (Rocky Mount)
Former Sen. Margaret Dickson (Fayetteville)
Former Sen. Katie Dorsett (Greensboro)
Former Sen. Linda Garrou (Winston-Salem)
Former Sen. Ellie Kinnaird (Chapel Hill)
Former Sen. Earline Parmon (Winston-Salem)
Former Sen. Jane Smith (Lumberton)
Sen. Erica Smith (Gaston)

North Carolina House

Former Rep. Martha Alexander (Charlotte)
Former Rep. Lucy Allen (Louisburg)
Former Rep. Alice Bordsen (Mebane)
Former Rep. MaryAnn Black (Durham)
Former Rep. Christy Clark (Charlotte)
Former Rep. Lorene Coats (Salisbury)
Former Rep. Linda Coleman (Knightdale)
Former Rep. Tricia Cotham (Matthews)
Former Rep. Beverly Earle (Charlotte)
Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield (Wilson)
Former Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin (Rockingham)
Former Rep. Susi Hamilton (Wilmington)
Former Rep. Maggie Jeffus (Greensboro)
Former Rep. Patsy Keever (Asheville)
Former Rep. Marian McLawhorn (Grifton)
Former Rep. Deb McManus (Siler City)
Former Rep. Annie Mobley (Ahoskie)
Former Rep. Diane Parfitt (Fayetteville)
Former Rep. Deborah Ross (Raleigh)
Former Rep. Bobbie Richardson (Louisburg)
Former Rep. Alice Underhill (New Bern)
Former Rep. Jane Whilden (Asheville)
Former Rep. Jennifer Weiss (Cary)