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As we see a rash of anti-women legislation and rhetoric across our country, Lillian’s List stands strong in its vision to see a North Carolina where reproductive rights are guaranteed and not subject to political negotiation, and our state is a great place to be a woman.

Reproductive Justice

Contraceptives, abortion care, and sex education should be affordable and accessible to all in North Carolina.

Gender Equity

Women should be able to freely and fully participate in political and economic life in North Carolina.

Take the Lead Blog

Our Top 5 Moments of 2023!

We had 216 participants in our 2023 trainings and educational programs, including our first in person Elect Women of Color Training in June! We also hosted our Campaign Camp for aspiring campaign staff and volunteers this November, in person for the first time since 2019. In May, hundreds of women gathered at the legislature to protest the Republicans’ restrictive 12-week abortion ban. We let them know we see through their deception and backroom deals, and we will vote them out in 2024!...

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New Maps & Breaking the Supermajority

Last month, the NC General Assembly passed new legislative maps for both the NC House and Senate. These maps were drawn in total secrecy by Republicans, with no input from their constituents or Democratic colleagues. Since Republican policies like controlling women's bodies are wildly unpopular with voters, they are trying to cling to power by creating extremely gerrymandered maps. However, there is still a path to breaking the supermajority by electing pro-choice, progressive women and we are...

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And the Courage Award goes to…

We're thrilled to announce that the recipient of our 2023 Jan Allen Courage Award is Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams, who represents House District 73 in Cabarrus County! Diamond, a Registered Nurse, mother of three, and former town councilor, was the only progressive, pro-choice woman to flip a House seat in 2022. Her win was critical to giving us the numbers necessary to keep worse restrictions at bay. This year, Rep. Staton-Williams courageously shared her personal abortion story on the floor...

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NC’s 12-week Abortion Ban in Effect July 1

The Republican 12-week monster abortion ban goes into effect today, July 1. Though the rushed, poorly written bill faces legal challenges, a federal judge has allowed it to go into effect while temporarily blocking a rule about required doctor paperwork. While this bill drastically reduces access, abortion is still legal in NC before 12 weeks. Please see this guide from our partners at Pro-Choice NC for more information about accessing abortion and other reproductive healthcare in NC. We know...

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One year since Dobbs and we’re still fighting

June 24, 2023 marks the one-year anniversary of the US Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and take away our federal right to abortion. With this decision, our pro-choice women legislators became our last line of defense against attacks on abortion access in NC. They were able to hold the line until Tricia Cotham's unconscionable defection to the Republican party. As you know, NC Republicans were able to push through their 12-week (and more) abortion ban in a highly undemocratic...

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Degrading & Disgusting

On May 16, NC Republicans overrode Governor Cooper’s veto of their 12-week abortion ban, Senate Bill 20. This ban is a degrading and disgusting attack on our bodies and rights. It was created and passed in a rushed, undemocratic process with a total lack of transparency and input from the public. This huge, 46-page bill not only bans abortion after just 12 weeks of pregnancy, but enacts even more unnecessary restrictions on NC doctors and clinics, likely forcing many to close their doors....

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