Diamond Staton-Williams

“There but for the grace of God I go,” a proverb I hold close that perfectly illustrates my journey to this point.

A North Carolina Native, I was born and raised in the Charlotte area. Growing up, I was primarily raised by my grandmother. She instilled in me a strong faith in God, that knowledge is power, and to care and speak up for those around us.

My journey to becoming a nurse began at an early age. After witnessing my mother struggle with mental health issues when I was younger, I knew that I needed to be in a field where I could help care for others. Not only did I want to do right by patients, but I also wanted to provide their loved ones with access and resources I didn’t have as a child.

Now I’m a mother of three and Harrisburg has been my family’s home since 2008. It is here that I’ve dedicated my life to public service as a Registered Nurse, small business owner, local elected official and volunteer. This love for my community is why I am running for office. I want to ensure all residents of North Carolina’s 73rd district have access to an equitable future. A future built on honesty, integrity and respect to continue to move Cabarrus County Forward.

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