Monika Johnson-Hostler

Monika Johnson-Hostler is a lifelong advocate and policy leader. Elected in 2013, she is
the third African American woman elected to the Wake County Public School System
Board in its 40-year history. She is also the first African American woman to serve as
the board president for the National Alliance Ending Sexual Violence, the policy voice
for 1,500 rape crisis centers across the country.

As the Executive Director of the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault
(NCCASA), Monika leads the survivor-focused charge for the 75 rape crisis centers and
a host of first responders across the state. Advocacy, education and legislation are the
key tools used to ensure that survivors have access to free, confidential, comprehensive
healing services. Under Monika’s guidance, North Carolina passed the sexual battery
law in 2003, became among the first states in the nation to pass a protective order for
sexual assault and stalking, and established the first statewide Human Trafficking Task
Force with the North Carolina Attorney General. In March of this year, NCCASA
collaborated with Carolina Public Press and 10 other new media partners across the
state to raise awareness about sexual violence. Monika lent expertise to the series by
highlighting the current law and legal barriers to successful prosecution of defendants
charged with sexual assault in North Carolina. Since the series was published, Monika has continued to educate legislators and galvanize rape crisis centers, first responders, allied professionals, campus advocates and community leaders to inform their representatives about how the laws impact survivors of sexual violence. On April 29, 2019, a bill passed unanimously in the House of Representatives to make raping an incapacitated person a crime. Monika currently serves on the Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence Commissions.

In addition to working on behalf of survivors in North Carolina, Monika is the policy go-to
person on all things related to federal legislation and the broader anti-sexual violence
movement Since 2009, Monika has led the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence
(NAESV), the voice in Washington for the 56 state and territorial sexual assault
coalitions and 1,500 rape crisis centers working to end sexual violence and support
survivors. During her tenure as board president, Monika has co-authored several
portions of the federal Violence Against Women Act, including a specific provision for a
sexual assault services program with an $5 million increase (FY-16 Appropriations $35
million/ FY-17 Request and Authorized $40 million). She served on former President
Barack Obama’s Children Who Witness Committee and Attorney General Eric Holder’s
National Advisory Committee.