Safiyah Jackson

Safiyah believes the well-being of any community is determined by the well-being of its youngest members. This belief was shaped twenty years ago when she left a corporate marketing and sales role with Ford Motor Company. Safiyah discovered that investments that support human development in the first eight years of life creates a triple bottom line with significant social, economic, and generational returns. Since then, she has been a champion for babies, toddlers, young children and the adults who care for them.

Throughout her career Safiyah has demonstrated leadership across a variety of industries, including museums, preschools, early elementary schools, higher education, philanthropy and currently, early childhood non-profits. Today, she serves as Chief Strategy Officer with The North Carolina Partnership for Children, an organization that supports a network of early childhood organizations across NC (The Smart Start network). Safiyah plays a pivotal role in driving strategic initiatives, fostering a data-driven culture, securing funding, and engaging strategic partnerships to maximize investments in early childhood across North Carolina. Safiyah is dedicated to bridging gaps between theory and practice, ensuring that NC is a nurturing place to be born and raise a family.

Safiyah is a board member of Raleigh Little Theatre, writes children’s books on the topic of civic engagement, and dreams of owning a network of children’s museums. In her free time, she is in the audience of live theater shows, attending community festivals, and listening to a wide-ranging playlist.

Safiyah is an active learner and values education at all levels. At Safiyah’s campaign kickoff, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper brought humor to describing Safiyah’s educational background: “She’s got more degrees than a thermometer!” She holds an MBA from Florida A&M University and M.Ed. degrees in both Early Childhood and School Psychology from National Louis University.

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