Sen. Natasha Marcus

Natasha Marcus is a three-term State Senator from Mecklenburg County.
Senator Marcus has a B.A. in Public Policy from Hamilton College and a law degree from Duke
University. She’s been on the front lines of community work for decades, including Moral
Monday protests, gun violence prevention, Habitat for Humanity builds, marches in support of
women’s rights and Black Lives Matter, volunteering at the local free health clinic, leading
volunteers on the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and organizing voter registration drives. She
also mentors young women who are interested in seeking elected office.
After law school, Natasha lived, practiced law, and clerked for a judge in Greensboro. She
moved to Davidson in 2007, where she worked at a local non-profit community center prior to
taking office. Natasha has two adult daughters; Ellie is a teacher and Madison is a PhD scientist.
Senator Marcus serves on several committees including Commerce & Insurance, Judiciary,
Redistricting & Elections, and Education.
She is a leader in her caucus and a strong advocate for affordable health insurance, public
schools, reproductive freedom, clean energy, common sense gun safety reform, fair elections,
better wages for working people, and environmental policies to combat climate change.