Defending Abortion Access Post-Roe

June 24, 2022

Today’s U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization reversed the constitutional protection that pregnant people have had for nearly half a century to legal abortion.  In doing so, the highest Court in the land has effectively handed immense power over women’s bodies to state legislators.  

While this is a disturbing and sickening setback for gender equity throughout the nation, Lillian’s List was built for just such a moment. We have always known that conservative abortion opponents in NC’s legislature would not stop until abortion is banned in the state.  Abortion opponents have passed legislation to restrict access to this basic health care in almost every legislative session since taking the majority a decade ago.  

We have an opportunity right now, in 2022, to launch a full-throated defense of reproductive freedom at the ballot box by electing the Featured Candidates that Lillian’s List recruited, trained, and is supporting this year.  The results of this election will determine whether abortion remains legal in North Carolina.  

It would take a legislative act to ban abortion in the state, but the truth is that North Carolina could easily go the way of Mississippi, Texas, or Florida.  The North Carolina General Assembly will become the last line of defense against anti-choice forces intent on dismantling access to abortion and reproductive health care.  Republicans in the legislature have already shown us what will happen if they retake the ability to override Governor Cooper’s veto in November’s election, making our work of electing women, who are profoundly affected by laws and regulations that impact abortion and reproductive freedom, all the more important.

The NC General Assembly could and should take steps to protect reproductive freedom and codify Roe v. Wade as our incumbent Featured Candidates have proposed.  But that can only happen if the current anti-abortion majority in the NCGA is voted out of office and replaced with the candidates we are supporting, candidates who understand that abortion is health care, reproductive freedom is fundamental and women who would be most impacted by these decisions, should have a seat at the table.  

Lillian’s List candidates are true champions of reproductive freedom and Lillian’s List will fight like our very lives depend on seeing each of them elected because our health, our lives, and our autonomy absolutely do. 

Sarah Preston
Executive Director