At the heart of our mission are our pro-choice, progressive women candidates.

Since the inception of the Lillian’s List PAC in 1997, we have helped elect 53 of our Featured Candidates to the General Assembly and the Council of State. Some have continued to serve their communities as legislators and some have even moved on to higher statewide offices or to the national stage. Read about our past Featured Candidates. If you’d like to know how we make our candidate selection you can watch this short video.

We believe electing smart, dedicated, progressive women in North Carolina helps protect our jobs, our families and our health – in changing the face of power, we also change the conversation in Raleigh.

How it works:

  • Recruitment: We recruit experienced, progressive women who are champions for reproductive freedom to run for the General Assembly in districts where progressive women have a chance of winning. Candidates must be prepared to run modern campaigns with a campaign manager and extensive fundraising and field programs.
  • Confirmation: To become a Featured Candidate, she must first be interviewed by Lillian’s List and our Board of Directors’ Candidate Committee. This interview confirms she has a strategic campaign plan and will uphold progressive values and reproductive freedom when in office.
  • Collective giving: Many of us live in districts that are either safely progressive or safely conservative and we feel like our options to create change in NC are limited. Once our Featured Candidates are chosen we share the news with the 8,000 members of the Lillian’s List sisterhood. Contributing to our Featured Candidates is an excellent way to make a difference in our state. Together we can support incredible candidates across the state who will go to Raleigh to fight for our progressive values. In the last 20 years the Lillian’s List sisterhood has contributed over $1.25 million to women candidates in North Carolina and helped elect every progressive woman currently serving in the NCGA and Council of State. This is the power of collective giving.

In addition to providing financial support to candidates, the Lillian’s List Action Fund partners with EMILY’s List in Washington, D.C. and Planned Parenthood South Atlantic to train candidates and their campaign staff. We help our candidates to build and run effective campaigns – and we work to mobilize women voters to help elect progressive candidates up and down the ticket across the state. Read more about our training programs. 

If you have questions about our process or are interested in running for office, please contact our Executive Director Sarah Preston at

Will you support the Lillian’s List PAC with a contribution today?