Look What You Made Them Do

June 4, 2019

Because of you, North Carolina is lucky enough to have 29 progressive women who are champions of reproductive freedom serving in the NC General Assembly. We thought we’d take our June newsletter to share some of the amazing legislation they’ve worked on since session started in January. These are the women working to make our state a great place to be a woman.

  • All of the progressive women in the NCGA cosponsored bills expanding access to Medicaid coverage in North Carolina. It was introduced in the Senate by Sen. Gladys Robinson and in the House by Reps. Gale Adcock, Verla Insko, Jean Farmer-Butterfield, and Carla Cunningham.
  • All of the progressive women in the NCGA cosponsored bills to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, which states that civil rights may not be denied on the basis of sex. Sens. Terry Van Duyn and Erica Smith introduced the bill in the Senate and Reps. Carla Cunningham, Susan Fisher, Evelyn Terry, and Julie von Haefen introduced it in the House.
  • Sens. Terry Van Duyn and Valerie Foushee and Rep. Marcia Morey introduced bills to fully repeal HB2, the anti-trans bill requiring people to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender assigned at birth.
  • Sen. Joyce Waddell and Reps. Pricey Harrison, Susan Fisher, and Deb Butler introduced bills to outlaw discrimination specifically in housing, credit, employment, insurance, and education.
  • Sen. Natasha Marcus introduced the North Carolina Equal Pay Act, which protects from wage discrimination on the basis of gender.
  • The Retail Workers’ Bill of Rights was introduced by Reps. Susan Fisher, Pricey Harrison, and Yvonne Holley.
  • Reps. Sydney Batch and Christy Clark introduced the North Carolina Families First Act, which ensures paid family and medical leave.
  • Rep. Cynthia Ball introduced a bill ensuring fairer pay for teachers with advanced degrees.
  • Progressive women in the NC Senate cosponsored a bill creating a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy regarding workplace sexual harassment in the NC Legislature.

This list could have had 50 bullet points, these women are working so hard in the legislature to advance our shared progressive values. This list doesn’t even include the work they’ve done on SB359, the most recent anti-abortion legislation that came though the NCGA. Thank you so much for helping to elect these legislators!