NC’s 12-week Abortion Ban in Effect July 1

July 1, 2023

The Republican 12-week monster abortion ban goes into effect today, July 1. Though the rushed, poorly written bill faces legal challenges, a federal judge has allowed it to go into effect while temporarily blocking a rule about required doctor paperwork.

While this bill drastically reduces access, abortion is still legal in NC before 12 weeks. Please see this guide from our partners at Pro-Choice NC for more information about accessing abortion and other reproductive healthcare in NC.

We know that Republicans are in no way finished restricting our access to abortion care. Tim Moore has implied that the legislature may pass more restrictions after the 2024 elections. And Mark Robinson, the Republican’s top candidate for governor, wants to ban abortion entirely.

We can’t stop fighting back. The Republican’s oversteps have fired up people across NC, and we are recruiting truly progressive women to run in competitive districts. We’ve already found strong challengers to run against the the four Republicans who voted for the ban after promising they would not during their campaigns. Thank you for your support, which helps fund this critical work.