New Maps & Breaking the Supermajority

November 2, 2023

Last month, the NC General Assembly passed new legislative maps for both the NC House and Senate. These maps were drawn in total secrecy by Republicans, with no input from their constituents or Democratic colleagues.

Since Republican policies like controlling women’s bodies are wildly unpopular with voters, they are trying to cling to power by creating extremely gerrymandered maps.

However, there is still a path to breaking the supermajority by electing pro-choice, progressive women and we are hard at work recruiting them to run in competitive districts around the state. Please stay tuned as we begin to announce our carefully vetted Featured Candidates in the coming months!

We’re also looking forward to our Campaign Camp later this month, which will train the progressive campaign staff and volunteers our candidates will need to win. We’ll be launching a special campaign to support this intensive training next week, so keep an eye out.