Lillian’s List is happy to offer a variety of trainings for women at every level of political involvement.

Whether you’re running this year, in a few years, or just want to help a candidate get elected we have a training for you!

Trainings are announced on a cyclical basis and the best way to hear about our upcoming trainings is to sign up for our email list.

Lillian’s List has trained over 900 women leaders to run for office and over 250 staffers to work on progressive political campaigns!


Get Local! Leadership Training - June 6, June 20, July 11, July 20

Get Local! is a virtual training program designed to recruit and train women to run at the local level of government, including school board, city or town council, and county commission.

Participants can attend one or all of the virtual sessions offered.

Engaging Women of Color Leadership Training - Next offering: Saturday, August 10, 2024

The Engaging Women of Color Leadership training is a training designed for politically ambitious women of color. The purpose of this training is to create a safe space for women of color to take a deep dive into campaign structures, fundraising, field plan development and strategies, reproductive messaging, and the various levels of the ballot.

The training will take place in Greensboro, with the address shared upon application approval. Please see the application for details!

Watch for updates

Future Candidate Training

Future Candidate Training is for women who are considering a run for office (at any level) in the next one to three years. The training offers the opportunity for potential candidates to learn more about personal narrative development, fundraising, campaign compliance, social media management, and a refresher on campaign basics.

Foundations of Messaging Training

This virtual multi-day training is designed for women running at any level of the ballot. The training provides participants with messaging guidance on key issues such as education, labor and the economy, reproductive justice, criminal justice, LGBTQ+ issues, and voting rights.

Path to Victory Training

This is a virtual multi-day training for women who have filed or are about to file to run for office in North Carolina. We will give you the hard skills to run a strong modern campaign. This training covers fundraising, messaging, field, public speaking, personal story development, and social media.

Campaigns 101

Campaigns 101 is a basic two hour training designed for women who are exploring becoming a candidate, volunteer, or staffer. The training covers the foundations of political campaigns including campaign timelines, staff structures, and ways to get involved.

Campaign Camp

Learn everything you need to know about working on a political campaign including fundraising, paid media, polling, targeting, field programs, volunteer management and more. This is a biennial training held in odd-numbered years.