Marcia Morgan was a 2018 Lillian’s List Featured Candidate. Through a combination of tireless hard work and scholarships, Marcia was able to pay her own way through Texas Wesleyan College. While there, she earned a B.A. in Mathematics after which she was awarded a University Fellowship for graduate work at the Ohio State University. Following graduation from Ohio State, she was hired by Smith College in Northampton, MA as Director of Master’s Theses for the Department of Physical Education. After two years at Smith College, her career path took an abrupt turn and, after months of prayer and trying to bargain with God, she found myself enlisting in the Army. The military provided an entirely different set of opportunities that included assignments in Korea, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as the Pentagon. Each promotion brought greater levels of responsibility and leadership opportunities. Following a short retirement, she was asked by former Army supervisors to return as a contractor and continue to provide quality logistical support to the soldiers of this country. My time as an educator and member of the armed forces have both taught her that the best way to reach an objective is often through collaboration, cooperation, and communication.